Storytelling steps to success

Over the past month, we’ve looked at some storytelling 101 tips, in sequence, to help you apply the power of story to your business.

Let's recap.

  1. Story = powerful brain structures and formulas. Your customers need to survive and want to thrive. Stories can show them how you help.
  2. People care about themselves and other people. Ignore this at your peril.
  3. Context, Action, Results (CAR) for planning your story and messaging.
  4. Why? Asking why and answering your customers why is where it all starts.
  5. What and how? You need reasons to back up your 'why'.

Technology companies rejoice! There is a way forward. However, remember, you have to keep at it. Imagine you are launching a global cloud service which inter-operates with other services, supports third-party integrations, uses some secret sauce instream data processing, and is based on the latest silicon hardware.

Sergey Nivens @ Adobe Stock

Sergey Nivens @ Adobe Stock

Yikes! What on earth is that all about? It's how many of us in technology talk. Moreover, we lose people. Every. Single. Day.

Don't burn your house down (deep frying a turkey). Don't lose people.

Get attention. Be heard. Sell more.

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