The power of ‘why’ and how to use it

Consider these questions for a moment

  • Why should I bother?
  • Why would I do that?
  • Why would I go there?

When answering 'why' questions, we do so in one of two ways:  

  1. This thing helps me survive
  2. This thing helps me thrive

Everything else is just noise.

Are you a news junkie? I am. News apps are probably the most frequented on my phone.

You know articles that "bury the lead"? A promise is made in a headline. You open the article. The lead paragraph doesn't provide an answer. The first main article paragraph doesn't either. You start scanning. Nothing pops. You move on.

CNN Bad Parenting gives you little "story highlights," this helps. However, on my phone, it was straight into the article. I ended up skipping the article. Moreover, I'm a parent looking for ideas and advice. All. The. Time. Epic Fail. I'm their target audience, and I want the information, they stood in the way of me getting to it.

Warren Buffett is selling… - See how long it takes you to find the lead in this article. It's buried deep. I applaud Simon Black's storytelling, and I wish he had a nutshell paragraph that provided a condensed story, so I didn't have to work so hard to find the value of the article.

Here's a good example "How Democrats can shut down the Senate" - while he doesn't immediately answer the question about 'how' he does frame the context with who (Democrats) and what (passing a bill, specifically named.) Why is understood as "separating children from parents is terrible.” Then he immediately jumps into 'how' government works in this case so you can easily understand the main 'how' point being driven home.

A popular articulation on the importance of 'why' is the Simon Sinek Golden Circle TED talk.

Feng Yu @ Adobe Stock

Feng Yu @ Adobe Stock

Why should I care about your business?

Shoot me over a paragraph and let's discuss how you can amp it up!

Are you a 'why' junkie? We love the 9 why's of liberating structures.  An excellent workshop designed to uncover why.

How have you used 'why?'

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