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Download a convenient how-to guide to apply storytelling consistently across your business.

Practical storytelling techniques and approaches on applying stories to brand, company culture and campaigns. 

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Learn about:
● The history of storytelling.
● The demise of storytelling in business.
● Storytelling’s resurgence.
● Ingredients and structures of stories.
● Hacks for finding and storing stories.



Get Attention

Cut through the noise with strategic marketing infused with storytelling

Take advantage of these services and get back to growth, improve business reputations and navigate digital transformation

Strategy & Planning

We analyze and score your messaging, research your audience and build a plan to use the science and the art of storytelling in business in conjunction with proven product marketing techniques.  


Applying storytelling consistently to business requires structure, knowledge and a consistent effort. We help you to take your organization on the journey.

CREATIVE & Campaigns

Your vision becomes a reality; the physical manifestation of your narrative comes to life in culture changing content and materials.

Start Applying Storytelling Today

Be Heard

Our unique approach combines modern marketing strategy with advanced business storytelling techniques. From product marketing and business strategy to messaging and customer content, story surrounds and permeates your business. We can help you harness these stories and put them to work so that you message lands. Drive business results with corporate storytelling.

We will help you build and execute marketing strategies supercharged with the power of digital storytelling to improve reputations, manage transformation and drive growth.

When French soldiers found the Rosetta Stone in the deserts of Rashid (Rosetta), Egypt in 1799 they uncovered a decoder ring made in 196 B.C. with the power to reveal mysteries. It wasn't until 1822 that Jean-François Champollion successfully cracked the code unlocking the secrets of ancient Egypt.


Sell More

Unlock SUCCESS by Putting your story to work

Storytelling can help you increase leads, maximize conversions and build value

  • Ignite Business Growth

  • Engage & Retain Customers

  • Increase Lifetime Value & Share of Wallet

Move customers to act by customers by coating the bitter pill of speeds-and-feeds with storytelling. Use it to unlock the minds of your customers, meet them on their journey, build shared purpose and ultimately purchase.

Are you saying the right things, at the right time to the right people at the right place in their journey to drive the sales you need?

Narrative Power

We are fans of these companies and their corporate storytelling examples. They expertly apply narratives for maximum business impact. They create enormous market value and are beloved around the world. These very different businesses all have one thing in common: they harness the power of storytelling for impact.

We want to help you do the same.



When you sell internet components standing out and making an impact can be difficult. Cisco rise to the challenge and lead in modern B2B storytelling. For examples see their very own news site "the network" and the related documentary "the network effect" for powerful examples. The right stories can bring brands to life.



While this is a B2C example - what a coup! Brand partnerships harness storytelling for powerful results. The Lego movie, and subsequently Lego Batman had people watch an hour and a half commercial. And pay for it. And love it. No other toy + entertainment partnership has been of this magnitude.


General Electric

While GE's success and longevity (founded 1892), in part, rely on innovation and leveraging the latest technologies they are also master storytellers. It is a brand fans engage deeply with. GE has generated some of the most "B2C" style, B2B storytelling content.


About Matthew Woodget

CEO, FOUNDER & Principal Strategy Consultant

Matthew has has a deep and unabated passion for storytelling. He loves applying this to business. Matthew works with you to bring your stories to life through the architecture and delivery of content strategies across product marketing, competitive positioning, value proposition development and more. 

Left Brain: Matthew has a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science and Business Administration from the University of Kent at Canterbury and an MBA from the School of Hard Knocks.

Right Brain: He is an accomplished filmmaker, winning numerous film festival awards, a science fiction author, photographer, diarist and a blogger. 

Matthew has held business and marketing leadership roles across Intel, Microsoft and the Agency world in both headquarters and regional subsidiaries. 

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Our Team

Go Narrative is lucky to call on the experience, creativity and passion of these amazing individuals. 

Whether bringing your businesses story to life calls for a new website, a paid media strategy, architecture of sales processes or showing up in the Instagram feeds of the glitterati we've got you covered.

DH_Headshot - 3-2.jpg

Dave Hill JR.

VP Strategy

Experience across all facets of marketing and sales including business development, hiring and developing dynamic teams. Builds grows engines for top and bottom lines.

Lazar Headshot-2.jpg

Rachel Lazar

VP Media

A tireless focus on understanding the customer, driving actions, metric obsessed, and constantly optimizing improved efficiency & growth. Weaves media strategies for metric driven impact.


Michael smith

VP Marketing Operations

Has a deep passion for clean design and helping brands excel. A master of bringing marketing strategies to life through flawless execution across print, digital and web.


Andre Bourque


Deft at turning business into brands with strategies for impact that light up across thought leadership, influencer marketing, social, PR and native advertising. 

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Any marketer will find value in this course. For experience marketers the refresher is good as well as the practical tools to stress-test your messaging, positioning, and stories. For early talent Matthew uses numerous examples from pop culture to make it relatable. It was also a great team building exercise as the class was collaborative.

-Angela Harvey, Sr. Director, Product Marketing

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Go Narrative champions and delivers impactful storytelling from planning through implementation. They put the customer at the center in the pursuit of amazing customer experiences and create content for impact.

-Brooke Macomber, Sr. Manager, Microsoft Corproation

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I got a great recommendation from a friend to use Go Narrative to help me put together a brochure.  It turned out better than I had expected.  It is professional, meaningful, and beautiful.  Then I hired them to write a customer story. Really Really good results.  Then I hired Go Narrative to create a new website.  Wow!!! Once again much better than what we had and in my opinion, makes my competitors sites look bad!  Go Narrative did a great job and my website show cases their skills.  We have used Go Narrative for several other things and will continue.  Go Narrative was the right solution for me and I believe it will be for you.

-Mary Jo Cooper, CEO Cooper Compliance

Within a matter of minutes, it was clear that Matthew understood our mission and some of the challenges we’ve faced in telling our story. He helped us distill a complicated narrative into a very clear and simple message. Our experience was really transformative. 

-Darcell Slovek-Walker, CEO

MM gray.png

Mr. Woodget’s experience driving brand conversations for the biggest players in the tech industry make him a resource for any company hoping to make a dent in the universe. His passion for brand strategy will delight his followers. Talk to him for a few moments, and you’ll see.

-Scott Finley, Partner Mighty Media

Renault_Sport_Formula_One_Team_logo.svg gray.png

Matthew is a brilliant mind gifted with very rare qualities in the business world: integrity and Purpose. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Matthew as his creative approach to sponsorship was challenging yet incredibly refreshing. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to any company willing to break the mold and take their brand to new, creative directions.

-François Puentes, Head of marketing Services


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