People care about people, don’t forget that

Last week we talked about how story is not the product of 'storytelling' but rather a structure in your brain you use to survive and thrive.

What do you care about the most? You care about you. It's the same for all of us. "Put your mask on before helping others." We've all heard it on airlines.

italita @ Adobe Stock

italita @ Adobe Stock

What do you care most about next? Other people.

If we care about people so much, why do we talk about technology without the context of people?

We talk about cool "things," digital transformation, new features, and new ways of working. All with great intent. All founded on making peoples' lives better or easier.

Many companies lose sight of this.

Here are two examples of how not to do it.

Tableau "A new day for data" - This statement has the prestigious placement atop Tableau's website yet it's left wanting. I hope data has a great day but what about me? The statement is apparently a message relating to a new product that "…lets you prep your data in a visual and direct way". It's all 'how': i.e. monkeying with data, visualizing it. Why is this important? Why is my life better? How about, "When your data shines. You shine."

AWS (Amazon) "SageMaker Quickly build, train, and deploy machine learning models" - There are literally zero customer pains covered. One of the first messages on the site is for "SageMaker." How about "Wisdom delivered. Quick, painless machine learning models and deployment." Speak to the sense of achievement those responsible for doing this work will feel when they successfully serve their organization (wisdom) and show how AWS is better, quicker - get it done so I can do more, painless - make my life easier.

Furthermore, the AWS site is a feature-fest. I can hear the excuses already, "but our audience are technical!" You still need to get technologists to care. Look, no one is saying you can't have sections on your website for details. You can and should, in the right places. Your home page is a proxy for introducing yourself - lose them there and they'll go to the competition. In this case, Microsoft Azure (that) says "Your Vision. Your cloud. Turn your ideas into solutions faster using a trusted cloud that is designed for you." See the difference? From idea to reality: fast, trustworthy and tailored.

We understand how challenging this is, there is so much to factor in: strategy, product, features, customers, storytelling. It is tough, and we are here to help.

Don't be fooled by early success. What got you here will not get you there. As your company evolves so does your mission, complexity and competition. Expand beyond your initial success by ensuring your message evolves with a laser focus on your customer. On people.

 Ask these questions to yourself and colleagues:

    • Which one part of our product has the most direct impact on a user or customer?

    • How will someone's life be different and better because of this?

    • What does our target market need to be successful?

    • Why should they care?

Better yet. Use this mantra:

Who are the people, what is their pain, why should they care, how can we help?

That's it for this week folks. Your mission: factor people into your thinking.

Have you already made the shift to putting people at the center? How did you do it?

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