How to get the details right in your business storytelling

Winning customers with "why" is the first step. You need to continue moving them forward to purchase.

The customer journey starts with the emotionally engaging 'why' and then leans heavily on story and often explicit storytelling.

Explicit storytelling? No, not that. The act of actually telling a story. Stories that put your customer at the center as the hero and make them want you to be their guide.

Anecdotes and metaphors count as distilled stories that brain hacks your audience who fill in the details themselves.

The customer journey moves from the emotional into the rational where customers need evidence, justification, and proof of your claim to help them.

chuck @ Adobe Stock

chuck @ Adobe Stock

Here are some seed questions to get you going.

  • What can you improve about your customer's life?
  • What do they need to consider when working with you?
  • How do they tackle the problem facing them?
  • How can you help, specifically?

Look at these through Context, Action, and Results, as they pertain to story structure.

  • Context - what is the challenge? Why does who care about it? What could be better?
  • Action - what do they do about it? What happens when they try? What pushback is there?
  • Results - how did they solve the problem, how did you help?

Again, these are seeds to get you thinking. What other questions can you come up with and why are they important? Answers on a postcard… or in the comments.

If you add this structural focus - cover why, what and how, you will be off to a running start!

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