Simply create value. Or go home.


Today we have some ideas about value propositions. Then, some cool links.

Are you delivering "value"?

Do you experience a "hump" when defining a value proposition? What about the steps to take it to positioning and storytelling.?

When you stop an think about it are you even 100% clear on what value is?

What is value?

How do you define it?

There are many definitions.

Here is one I love.

The regard that something is held to deserve.

The key works here is DESERVE.

I love it because it speaks to me as earn, ownership, responsibility, and relationships.

Value is a proxy for what I get and what I give up to get it.

As much as I’m “rar rar rar” for storytelling a big part of stories is narrative and thus the value you seek to communicate. Otherwise, what’s the point? What do you stand for?

Two big projects we’ve been working right now involved developing value propositions. We always start with “what value do you create?”

The fun thing about this is…. Dramatic pause…. There are no surprises, value, that’s the POINT! Bring people something they otherwise wouldn’t have.

Here’s the thing. If you don’t know what value you create for a customer, go home. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

Figure out what your value is, then we can talk story.

Now… that being said. Tell stories along the way, together, share, explore. And make notes. They’ll come in handy when you start to build business stories for your effort.

OK, onto the links

First up:

Make. Do. Impact. Here are some ideas for you and your mission to make content that has an impact.

And then:

Inspiration from four amazing marketing campaigns.

Finally a test:

Yeah. and Starwars. Checking to see if you are paying attention. If you are I'll buy you a coffee or a beer. Soon as we are in the same city.

Keep telling those stories! 

- Matthew