eBook The Definitive Guide to Storytelling in Business: A how to guide in rising above the noise and making an impact

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“Once upon a time there was a seasoned marketer called Charlotte, ‘Charlie’ to her friends. She marketed a B2B product in a crowded segment. Charlie employed data driven approaches, growth hacking, and content marketing. She refined value propositions and positioning frameworks. And used research heavily (qualitative, and quantitative).
Yet something wasn’t working…”

A convenient, clear guide to help you use storytelling for your business.

Are you looking to cut through the noise that saturates your market? Storytelling, the 200,000-year-old communication technique, might be just what you need.

Know and love a delightful story? Want to harness their power? Stories can help business growth, transformation and improving reputation. 

Inside are practical storytelling techniques and approaches. Apply them to empower employees, and improve customer awareness, engagement and retention.

Get inspiration on applying stories to brand, company culture and campaigns.

Learn about:
● The history of storytelling.
● The demise of storytelling in business.
● Storytelling’s resurgence.
● Ingredients and structures of stories.
● Hacks for finding and storing stories.

Learn to use Story Scoring to accelerate your adoption and consistent use of stories.