Why should I care about you?

AKA When you are creating content when should you start talking about your company and products?

Let us quickly get something out of the way: "content" is a very broad brush. It varies across the customer journey.

What someone needs (content wise) varies based on things like how big their pain (or problem is), how familiar they are with the subject (and related products) and much more.

In short, the more familiar someone is with the problem they are solving and with you then the quicker you can get to talking about how you can help them.

Even then it's still about them.

No one wakes up in the morning thinking about you, your products or services. Your customers wake up feeling concerns about how they will deal with their businesses challenges.

So, back to our question. Why should I care about you?

I should care about you when I know you can help me. When it's clear I can benefit from a relationship with you.


How do I know you can help me?

You show me you understand. You express concern for my situation, for my pains, for my problems.

Demonstrate those things, and I will permit you to tell me more, to tell me about yourself.

That is why setting context is so important in telling a business story. As you are establishing context, you are illustrating the reason to care.

Over time, as a customer develops a relationship with you, it is possible to 'dial back' the weight of context content and 'dial up' the rational detail of your solution.

You need to cover all bases and support multiple customer journeys on your properties and with your people so that your whole organization can catch, channel and deliver the appropriate messaging to the right customer at the right time.

Onto the links

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All leaders and entrepreneurs need to read this article. Then role model it out in the world. 


Time for some summer reading ideas!


And a bonus book from the always insightful Bill Gates.

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