Shaping content with a single version of the truth

single version of the truth.jpg

Communicating a value proposition effectively via engaging campaigns and content is something that faces all marketers. You get closer to this goal by creating a positioning framework. But not close enough. Positioning does have outside-in elements, but it's still firmly rooted in your product and how it maps to market needs.

To inform creative assets in a consistently engaging way you need to build persona and story resources. Personas should include a persona journey that maps their journey from awareness to evangelism. Personas help you better understand and engage with the real world humans of your target market. Story assets include storyboards and reference-stories. Storyboards are a forcing function to sequence messaging in a way that maximizes retention and engagement. Reference-stories bring this to life and shape campaign creative (here’s a guide to help).

With persona and story assets to hand your entire team and agency partners has a single version of the truth to shape content that resonates at the right time across the customer journey. The beauty of contemporary marketing is we can then use digital tools to measure the impact and fine tune it even further.

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