It's time to go beyond storytelling... 

Our lives, relationships, and businesses are a matrix of interconnected narratives. This goes beyond the common moniker of the stories we tell. It extends into the fabric of who we are. Our biology itself - birth, life and death. The dance of chemistry as the world interacts with itself. The strange and beautiful laws of physics that provide the foundation of the universe. There are an infinite number of tales ebbing and flowing together to make the world go round.

We swim in stories, daily. The who, what, when, how and where of our lives. A novel can be made into a movie, which can be described in a conversation down the pub or manifest in children's toys.

Life's hard, why not make it easier for yourself?

Think of the roadblocks you hit the last time you launched a new product, expanded into a different market or dealt with a voracious competitor. It's hard to tackle all the moving parts. Let alone create something so damn compelling that customers will bat an eye lid at it! It's hard enough to avoid drowning in all the things you need to do to set up the engine of data driven marketing. The engine alone isn't enough. You must fuel it.

Narratives move us. To act. To share. To buy. When business is good it's because you have an great narrative. But it might be implicit and you can't ride that forever - the world changes around you. Every. Single. Day. Narratives need to evolve, to adapt in relation to the data.

Look at how Apple are struggling with their iPhone narrative - sales and stock plummeting. Facebook are now the bad guys of fake news and a tool for manipulating elections. Good luck Zuck! If you are not implementing the right narratives for your customer's journeys you will fail. It's just a matter of time.

It's time to re-write your narrative.

We want to help...

Art brings a message into a room. It should make us perceive in a new way - either through color, form or narrative content - something we had not perceived before...
— Gloria Vanderbilt