Bring your narrative to life

All this strategic messaging needs to come to life. That’s why we also love marketing assets of all sorts, especially video.

Film: Flavor and Fuel - trailer

A teaser for the full film (below). Content marketing campaign for Microsoft.

Film: Flavor and Fuel - full documentary short

The full award wining film.

Right Narrative. Right Time. Right channel.

You must architect the narrative arc of your business across the whole of your customer's journey. 

Are your narratives sequenced appropriately?

Microsoft Dynamics Sizzle reel

Getting customers excited isn't just fun, it's important. In this video we took what some considered to be one of the most boring products at Microsoft and made it pop. Incidentally Microsoft Dynamics is awesome.

Is your narrative popping? 

Product video without the product

Some products are powerful yet hard to explain with a narrative that relies on screen shots and usage. In those cases connecting with the people who's lives are impacted by the product can convey far more meaning.

Sometimes you need a demo.

Tip: it doesn't have to be boring.

Are you considering your customers' narratives and what they care about? If not your demos will fall flat at worst, and at best just be used for internal training with existing customers.