Seeing the wood for the trees

F8studio @ Adobe Stock

F8studio @ Adobe Stock

Have you ever felt like you don’t know where to start when sharing the benefits of your product? It’s a common challenge. You are a passionate and committed business person. You know all about your business, your customers and the dynamics of the market. This weight (curse) of knowledge leads us to overshare details up-front that don’t move a prospect forward towards purchase.

To overcome this challenge, you must consider both the ‘why’ and the ‘what and how.’ Do this by co-creating a story that represents the customer at the same time you are defining your value proposition. Here is an exercise to help you consider the details for your value proposition.

When you do this, you run out of the forest that we often hear about in the metaphor “they couldn’t see the wood for the trees.” You see things more clearly from an outside-in perspective. A perspective is closer to that of your customer.

By co-creating a story with your value proposition you’ll have the foundation to communicate the benefit of your product. Follow the steps in our recent post Storytelling Steps to Success.