Looking for a story? Look for people first.

In this video, my friend and fellow marketer Jeremy Epstein talks about the story behind Starbucks and subsequently the full page advert Starbucks took out in today's Wall Street Journal.

Jeremy touches on something significant. Is it easier for a company like Starbucks to share their story? Or any story at all?

What about an industrial equipment company? Can they have a good story?

Where there are companies, there are people and where there are people there are stories.

It is people who overcome challenges, and challenges are at the heart of a good story.

An example I like to cite in the GE Catching Lightning in a Bottle example. A part of their 'impossible missions' series. GE is a company that creates heavy engineering products. Jet engines and power transmission systems.

As Jeremy says, there is nothing about the 'product' in the Starbucks advert. Nothing about coffee, roasting, sourcing or quality. Rather the piece is about the 'why' of Starbucks and ultimately the 'why' of what they are doing to deal with the recent incidents.

These incidents damaged Starbuck's noble purpose as a 'third place.' They are living their own story with a challenge they need to overcome. Their companywide shutdown (for employee training) today and the Wallstreet Journal ad seeks to help repair that damage.

The vehicle they chose to fix the problem? Storytelling (with the ad) and story-making (with the shutdown and training.)

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P.S. Remember as we talked about here - stories don't always need people if you don't have people in your account make sure you anthropomorphize accordingly

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