Storytelling, meet flu season

Image credit: Pexels

Image credit: Pexels

In this article, we'll explore how storytelling can be used as an advocate for your ideas.

But first...

Consciousness came rushing back as the searing pain tore through my throat. It was spreading. The pain had taken over my neck, my skull, my jaw. I was starting to feel it in my teeth. I shook the numbness out of my hands, they felt cold. I looked at the clock, 4 pm.

I had been asleep for about 5 minutes. I was exhausted, not having slept the night before. It turns out you need to swallow around every five minutes. Even when you are asleep.

My wife was on the phone with the doctor. He had other concerns and it was agreed. I should go to the ER.

The Cherry Hill ER in Seattle was a cliched disaster. Between the unfortunate individuals forced to use it for their annual checkup to the pushback on prescriptions (opioid epidemic), there was little ability or interest to see me. People had been waiting for over seven hours.

I was a mess and hardly able to deal with the simple act of swallowing, let alone fighting for my rights. I was working hard to fight the bug.

My wife, on the other hand, was embracing advocacy.

She debated with the staff and called other hospitals, finding one in our network in the suburbs. A 30-60 min wait. We were off.

I ended up being seen immediately. Intravenous drip, a steroid shot, a variety of painkillers and throat numbing agents and my body was given the boost it needed to start the journey of recovery. Diagnosis: flu and strep throat.

When it came to my health my wife was my greatest advocate.

Stories can advocate for your ideas.

Your ideas must see the light of day! Doing so requires hard work and bringing people along on the journey. Whatever your role, from entrepreneur to CMO to employee. Your job is to get the world to accept and embrace your ideas as you build them out.

Just as with my health, you are not enough of an advocate for your idea. You are a necessary and important first step. You have an important role to play - in particularly in the legwork of bringing your idea to life. The problem is you are tied too closely to your idea. You need to find a way for people to embrace and accept your idea, beyond you.

You and your idea need an advocate.

The storytelling framework, when you breathe life into it, can be your advocate. Infectious ideas spread in stories.

What to look for: story elements that speak the language of your audience, triggers to take engage and take them on a journey, aspects that work to change their minds and create the conditions for acceptance.

Consider your audience's needs, experiences, concerns. What are their stakes? Resonate with their noble purpose.

As we've said before: start with the opinion or assertion you are seeking to make and work back from there to encode the most effective story.

If all that sounds like work it is because it is. It's up to you to create both the right conditions for the spread of your idea and to do the work to make it a reality. When you engineer stories for the impact you will have created the ultimate advocate for your idea.

Here is a delightful book that will bring inspiration and hope to you as you work to encode your problem solving into the story format. Read with wonder and enjoy the illustrations as the little boy works hard to make his idea a reality and change the world around him: What do you do with an idea - Kobi Yamada

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I found this article through a 404 error - thanks Inc. for shuffling us back to great content. No one will be telling stories or driving your business forward if they are ill. Let people recover. Don't force people to be heroes that make everyone else sick.

And finally:

This storyline is far from fully played out. I expect to see facebook et al finding a new way forward. One thing is certain: it's not business as usual for social.

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