Avoid the slick sales pitch. Convey real value.

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Have you ever had someone try to win you over with a slick sales pitch? They'll try to distract you with jargon and inflated numbers, and present their "value proposition" as a list of too-good-to-be-true benefits. You wouldn't buy from that salesperson, and neither would your customer if you spoke to them like that. 

If you want to earn a customer's business, you need to present them with a truly balanced value proposition. Creating this proposition requires you to explain what someone has to do – and what they may have to give up – in order to get the promised results. You'll need to paint a realistic picture, while still showing them that the risk is worth the reward.

When you create an effective value proposition, your customer will be able to see why working with your company is the right choice. You'll build trust, land the sale and ultimately get their business. 

If you're not sure where to begin in creating a balanced value proposition, use our guide to help you get started.

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