Creating a Customer Showcase

Image thanks to GQ Magazine

Image thanks to GQ Magazine

By the end of this post, you'll have a new found appreciation about the best "sponsorship" executions and why they work so well. Hint: it's to do with James Bond and Omega.

You can kind of think of this as the mash-up of case studies and sponsorships. 

Are you making the most of your best customers?

Are your telling their stories?

If you told your customers' stories, do you think prospects would be more interested in your offering?

It should come as no surprise that the answer to these questions is YES.

But how do you do it? Previously we talked about turning case studies into money-making machines. That's an excellent place to start, but we have another tip for you today.

In short: create a customer showcase.

Customer showcase starts with your "win wires" and ends with useful marketing content built out of a select few customer stories.

The flow goes like this:

Go Narrative Customer Showcase One Slider Clean.png

You may have 1,000 net new customer wins in 2017.

From those, there may be 200 that are willing (and that you'd want to be) references to other customers.

From those 200 there may be 50 that you are willing to invest in by creating a case study to document your success and provide a compelling proof point for your prospects.

From those 50 there may be five that you'd be prepared to:

  • Put on stage with your CEO at an event
  • Invite to exclusive programs (such as early adopter)
  • Feature in global ad campaigns
  • Create video content for content marketing

You may want to consider some of the following criteria:

Does this potential showcase company:

  • Have passionate and engaged employees willing to be on camera?
  • Be able to share some "behind the scenes" of their business?
  • Align with your values?
  • Have an engaged fan base?*
  • Fit well into the "quest" or "overcoming the monster" storylines?
  • Be a globally recognized brand?

*This may be obvious for a sports team, for example. It is also true for many other products, clothing brands for example.

Your list and 'gates' will vary.

What you are seeking to do is whittle down the customers who are prepared to speak openly about your relationship.

Remember - while a "big, compelling brand" is a bright shiny object for this exercise it's not required.

The first two points in the prior list (regarding passion and behind the scenes) are non-negotiable. You're looking to capture and share stories that engage and excite your prospects. You need access to the people. Stories need people.

You’re off to the races.


That's just the tip of the iceberg.

You will need to implement internal process and tools. You will need to bring your sibling teams along for the journey. You will need to approach capturing the content in a way that gets you the best interview materials to make a compelling showcase. Talking heads answering defacto product related questions won't cut it.

Remember, you are not looking to create content that is "rar rar rar" for your company.

You are looking to create story fueled content that is compelling and shareable…

..content that excites prospects for what is possible. So that they can see themselves in the story Just like when you see a James Bond Movie**.

…content that can be used in your marketing efforts to both build awareness, develop a preference and ultimately justify the investment in your company.

**Why do you think Omega has sponsored James Bond, forever? You are only James Bond for 2hrs during the movie. You can wear the watch forever. It might explain why I wear a Seamaster Planet Ocean.

Onto the links!

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Bear this in mind when you are creating your content - how will you use it?

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