More business fables. Plus, Oprah, Perfect Stories & Value Propositions


Last week we discussed how to build a business fable.

Did you give it time to sink in?

Great! Here's an example. And below that, our picks of the week

Josephine's Marketing Roadblock

Josephine has been in her dream marketing job for three weeks when she ran up against her first big problem.

Alice in the product team was flat out ignoring her

Josephine found herself knocking on Alice's door.

She asked Alice if she could grab 5 minutes sometime today, or tomorrow to discuss her big, important project.

Sorry, Alice replied.

Too busy. Soooooo much going on! And besides, I'm traveling next week. The event is taking up all my time.

Excuses, excuses in a world where everyone is "busy."

Dejected and unsure what to do Josephine headed over to Sabine, her manager.

She loved Sabine. Sabine was awesome. A great manager.

Sabine listened to Josephine, asked a few questions.


And told Josephine a story about a time she had run into similar problems.

Getting a cross-group team of stakeholder's to 'buy in' (famous corp-speak) to her new partner communications program.

Everyone was too busy. And besides, there wasn't any budget available.

Sabine shared the story about Emilia Earhart

She added, If we wanted to make it through this adventure, on track and get to our destination we'd need good communication in both directions.

This story alone got all of the stakeholders on the same page.

And magically budget became available.

They recognized that the partnership program's new communications effort was critical.

Sabine was indeed, awesome.

Alice was inspired.

She took her newfound passion for business storytelling and headed straight over to the product team.

With a little bit of help from this blog post Josephine was able to come up with a story that move the product team to act.

Stories within stories, am I right?

On to the links!

First up:

From the value of visuals to how even short stories (~1 min) can have great impact.

And then:

Hint: there isn't one. But resonating with your audience is critical. Beyond the basics focus on purpose.

And finally:

Back to basics! Before you can even tell a story you need to know what value you deliver. Back to school!