The Daisy & The Machines


There was once a daisy. All alone a top a hill. He looked down to the smoking industrial churn of the city below. The life around the mechanical crashing of metal on metal was little to nothing. Yet the daisy admired the commitment to work and toil.  In the hill the sun shone, the breeze blowed and the seeds grew.

One day the machines below stopped. Ground to a halt. And the daisy worried. They worked so long and so hard yet the faltered. What could this mean? How could they stop? And the sun shone and the wind blew and the seedlings themselves grew into flowers too. And beyond in the valley the machines stood still. The daisy wondered. Had he been misguided? Had they failed! The machines? And the wind blew and the daisy felt his petals grow weak and start to give way. He grew plump and where his fronds had been seeds grew.

The wind blew and he exploded out into the air. His seeds spread up and out. Floating and landing, some of them on the old machines. Rusting and wasting away.

And the seeds settled and sprouted and grew themselves into beautiful daisies.

And one stretched out and looked up and saw the hill far away. Peaceful and green. And dreamed of being upon it... away from the metal and rust that surrounded him.


You have more influence than you realize. Keep fighting for what you believe. Spread what you love (as long as it's for good) and work to be a positive influence in the world.