Motivate your teams with this story


I found this lovely little parable when searching for a story to communicate to a friend how I felt about their behavior. Yes, I do storytelling outside of business! Sufficed to say their behavior had let me down.

When I discovered this story it occured to me that it would work great for motivating teams to work better together.

The version below is a modified version of what I found over at Video Inspiration's blog. I updated it to make the turtle a little more central to the narrative. 

Once a deer, a crow, a mouse and a turtle were great friends.

One day the deer went out to graze. He was caught in a hunter net. In the evening the deer did not return to his friends.

The mouse said to the crow, ‘Will you fly over the trees and find the deer? Then fly back to us and tell us where he is.’

The crow flew away. He came back after half an hour. He said, ‘Our friend, the deer is in the hunter’s net.’

‘What shall we do’? said the mouse and the turtle.

‘I will take mouse on my back,’ said the crow. ‘He will bite through the net and set the deer free.’

‘Yes,’ said the mouse. I will do that.’

‘And I will walk to the deer,’ said the turtle. The crow took the mouse on his back and flew with him to the deer.

The mouse bit through the net. The deer was free. The turtle and friends were all very happy together.

We must indeed all hang together, or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately ~ Benjamin Franklin