What's your Presentation Story Score?


Remember the last time you sat through a terrible presentation? Take a moment. What sucked about it? How about the last time you stood up there on the stage... palms sweating... 

You avoid such death by PowerPoint by leveraging the Presentation Story Score, provided in a simple checklist in this post. Bonus: have some fun ranking others use of storytelling in their presentations.

Anyone who has ever stood up in front of a group of strangers and delivered a presentation has my respect. It's tough putting yourself in the cross hairs like that. You use a bunch of techniques, tips and tricks. And hopefully practice several times, at least.

But are you leveraging the power of story? Does your presentation have a narrative? Are you leveraging your own or others stories? Doing so will make your presentations even more impactful.

Use this hit list, with a score of "1" for each for a total of 14 you can start ranking presentations immediately. 

  1. Opens with a story*
  2. Use a personal story*
  3. Leverages a 3rd party story and/or a cultural or meta-narrative*
  4. Flow has a Context (Beginning) > Action (Middle) > Results (End) 
  5. *Uses ones of the stared (1-3 above) as a red line through the presentation
  6. Good Context provided up front
  7. There is Action
  8. Results (take aways, call to action) are clearly laid out
  9. Why - a clear purpose and outcome
  10. Who - specific people included
  11. What - but not too much, of your agenda
  12. When - a time...
  13. Where - ...and a place
  14. How- was done by the people involved

Use this to rank the next presentation you experience... and of course employ it next time you plan. Let me know how it goes!