Narrative as a core component to strategy

Going above and beyond storytelling to master narrative enables you take the commonly understood power of the story and apply it to more of your business.

Think about the last time you heard someone talk about storytelling in business. What came to mind? Here are some likely candidates: Marketing campaigns, customer case studies, advertising campaigns, videos. You'd be correct: storytelling is a powerful element of all these things. 

Creating a video for your company without thinking about storytelling would be like making pancakes without flour. You can do it without eggs (I know, one of my children has an egg allergy) but flour is essential.

You don't need to stop at marketing assets. The very fabric of your company can benefit from the power of narrative.

How do you want people to feel about your company? What stories would you want them telling their friends and colleagues. When you infuse narrative in how you approach strategy you set yourself up for building powerful and engaging experiences across your product, service, customer support and your marketing.

Don't sell yourself short when it comes to the very human power of story.

Make sure your pancakes have flour in them. Here is a great egg-less pancake recipe.  And Arrowhead Mills do a very nice pre-made buttermilk mix.