Digital Storytelling Roundup: brain changing emotions and motivation

Welcome to our weekly storytelling round-up. Our story-geddon series has finished (Today! Catch the eighth post in the series here). Next week we'll pick up sharing this content in our regular email which you can subscribe to here and never miss a beat.

In this roundup, we share excellent content with you that we found around the web in the prior week, on the topic of business storytelling - or subjects in very close orbit.

First up:

This is a topic which comes up frequently when applying storytelling to business. Triggering an emotional response (in a responsible and honest way) is a very powerful thing to be able to do. This article will share some of the 'why' of this power. Think about it, "I want" is a very emotional state of mind. For those of us selling anything having people declare that they want what we have to offer is the beginning of great things.


As I was reviewing my 'favorite reads of the week' I chuckled because two were both from Big Think. Accident, I swear! Some great content over there, I suggest following them. Not only do stories trigger the emotional "I want" reaction they also re-wire your brain. Because our brains are organized on narrative when you hear a story the information inside of it is optimized for brain writing. If it's not then you have to work hard to convert to that format for storage. That takes time and our brains hate wasting energy. Make it easy on yourself and use stories to help change people's minds.

And finally: ttps://

One of the things I love about this being our third link today is that it builds nicely on the prior two. As a business leader do you want to create a sense of motivation? Of course, you do. Stories inspire action. They are instantly shareable. this means they enable the spread of information. If you motivate with stories you can create a perpetual motion machine in your organization. You motivate people to succeed. Then they share their own stories to add to the snowball of motivation, all of which started with you sharing motivational stories.