Digital Storytelling Roundup: narratives that shape behavior, history of story and overcoming creative block.

Welcome to our weekly storytelling round-up. After our story-geddon series finishes in December (catch the seventh post in the series here), we'll pick up sharing this content again in our regular email which you can subscribe to here and never miss a beat.

In this roundup, we share excellent content with you that we found around the web in the prior week, on the topic of business storytelling - or subjects in very close orbit.

First up:

This is not only a fascinating article it also shows how when we subscribe to a narrative we embrace it, and live by it. In this case, the impact of the 2008 recession turned us, in the west, into deal hunters who prioritized saving money more than the quality of the things we bought. What narratives are you crafting for your customers?

And then:

Amidst all the work we do to apply storytelling to our client campaigns we love to go back to the source. This article is a great reminder of that and also points to what appears to be a wonderful book that is now on our reading list. Be prepared to get inspired and excited about the power of story!


For those story-geeks and writers who love ideas to stimulate our creative juices should check this article out. Again we are reminded of the importance of experience and external sources of creativity to help us on our own creative journey. You can use these techniques to do more than help you write. You can use them to stimulate creative thinking for your marketing campaigns.