Digital Storytelling Roundup: Content Marketing, Attention & a Narrative Toolbox

Welcome to our weekly storytelling round-up. After our story-geddon series finishes in December (catch the sixth post in the series here), we'll pick up sharing this content again in our regular email which you can subscribe to here and never miss a beat.

In this roundup, we share excellent content with you that we found around the web in the prior week, on the topic of business storytelling - or subjects in very close orbit.

First up:
In business storytelling, the topic of content marketing is a close partner. We've talked about the power of storytelling as a foundation for content marketing. Christoph's article illustrates some of the pitfalls of implementing a content marketing strategy with some good ideas to realize your strategy. Involving the right stakeholders early is key, and I've seen it go badly wrong. Another observation Christoph has is the following: "It’s not rocket science, and that doesn’t mean it all has to be perfect on Day 1". Well said, Sir.

And then:
Ahhh, viewability. Never been a fan of how that metric has been handled. Reminds me of when someone asked me if I saw 2008's "Hancock." And I reply "yes". And think for a moment. And can't remember anything about it. I viewed the whole movie, but it didn't affect me at all. Just seeing stuff doesn't cut it anymore. So rather than worrying just about the measurements and just about the data how about thinking about what might get and retain your audience's attention. Hence why I appreciated this article on The Drum by Jessica Goodfellow. And yes, storytelling is a critical ingredient. Thanks, Jess!

And finally: 
I haven't read the book, but I have read Emily's review. Does that count? I'm curious as to the toolbox's value beyond game design. Take the act of applying storytelling to the operational and mechanical and structures of games. Then consider the intentional use of storytelling in business. Both are functional and sequential yet also have the potential of many paths and branches. I'll have to get the book and report back…