Digital Storytelling Roundup: Back to basics and case studies

Welcome to our weekly storytelling round-up. After our story-geddon series finishes in December (catch the fifth post in the series here), we'll pick up sharing this content again in our regular email which you can subscribe to here and never miss a beat.

In this roundup, we share excellent content with you that we found around the web in the prior week, on the topic of business storytelling - or subjects in very close orbit.

First up

This is an older article but it holds true, just like the ancient art and science of storytelling. This is a nice exploration into what makes stories tick and how to apply to B2B

Then we have

Some practical tips to get you thinking about the human elements of how you interact with your customers. Quite frankly some good marketing 101. Tristan also shares some thoughts on the various channels you'll want to consider landing your story across.

Last but not least

We're huge fans of Hank and this article is no exception. We like to focus on the what, why and how of case studies. Going beyond pure 'studies' and using storytelling for engagement.