Digital storytelling roundup: Microsoft's CEO, AR storytelling and Chief Storytellers

Welcome to our weekly storytelling round-up. After our story-geddon series finishes in December (catch the third post in the series here), we'll pick up sharing this content again in our regular email which you can subscribe to here and never miss a beat.

In this roundup, we share excellent content with you that we found around the web in the prior week, on the topic of business storytelling - or subjects in very close orbit.


Up first:

Empathy is a key emotion that can be tapped into (authentically, please) in business storytelling. Not only does this article inspire as to why it also starts off with a great story. It involves a baby in the street, crying…



OK, so this is pretty intense, and deep. So many people are still trying to get storytelling right with the old fashioned tools. That being said if you want to see what is possible with some new tech this will inspire you.



We've posted about how to hire a chief storyteller before and we love Carmine's article which talks about how Nike and Virgin (Richard Branson in particular) use storytelling for great effect.