How-to: Digital Storytelling Video Series for Business


I'm excited to share the first four episodes of Go Narrative Storytime.

These videos will lead you through some useful marketing and business strategies to help you make the most of the art of storytelling.

I'm a marketing strategist who thrills in the mash-up of the groundbreaking power of creativity with the business benefits of a repeatable process. Storytelling is a piece of the puzzle. It's undeniable.

It's been covered time, and again, and again, and again, and… again (yes those are all links to interesting articles).

It is what is known in science as a "fact."

What are you doing about it? Have you tried and struggled to leverage story-power? It's not as easy as many people initially think. After a career of using it implicitly, I realized in 2012 the importance of getting the formula right.

Tell your story, tell your companies story, tell your customers' stories

Remember, stories surround you and your company. The stories of your customers, your employees, your founders and the cultural stories in which your company does business. It's more than marketing. It's meaning-making.

Surrounded by story.png

Who'd have thought something so natural and obvious would be so hard to apply well to business?

Think of it like finance for business.

Finance might seem like a simple subject focused on of addition (profit), subtraction (costs) and a few formula's to account for things like depreciation. Can't be that complicated, right? Far from it - look at the number (no pun intended) of accounting roles and finance departments in a corporation. Corporate Accounting, Fraud, Actuaries, Finance... the list goes on.

But you have to start somewhere... profit and loss.

If you embrace storytelling fully and deeply you can use it to build awareness, shape opinions and change minds. Pretty serious stuff.

Actuarial Storytelling? A new phrase - you read it here first.

Don't worry! You don't have to jump all the way to that place.

Start with a focus on these three areas and you'll be off to the races.

  1. Customer journey design
  2. Content Marketing strategy
  3. Content production

Get storytelling right with those and you will be well on your way to being a master business storytelling.

It might take a while but we'll get you there.

Episode 1: Understand the storyscape your business exists in so that you can select stories that resonate the most with your target audience. 

Episode 2: Guidance on applying storytelling to business with the "B minus" trick that will reduce the pressure you put on yourself and help you be more successful in your application of story.

Episode 3: Learn how to leverage your company's investment in case studies across the customer journey. Tips on how you can use your case study efforts to drive top of the funnel engagement and more.

Episode 4: Storytelling can be your north star for a powerful content strategy that factors in your customers’ journey and their experience. You can use the structure of their story as the guard rails to your content.

Let us know how you get on.