Narrative driven customer journey design

When you are designing a customer journey, or interaction consider the experience. It's easy to slip into taking about your products.

It's also easy to assume people will read the big long fancy white paper first. It's easy to get lost in the process and terminology.

You must think about how the person will be interacting with your assets. Include the big picture, the nature of online browsing and research. 

Dont short circuit the story. Narratives need sequence. You can't short circuit this or people will hate tour movie.

Introduce the characters, the challenges and the reason to care and be interested, first. Build through a challenge with the right mix of hope. Include decisions (narrative or literal E.g. An interactive session guide) resolve with a takeaway and desire to act differently in the future. This order is very important.

Narratives without the flow do not engage or change people's worlds.

And you want to change people's worlds, right?