F1 racing and your narrative

While I was at Microsoft I managed the global partnership with Lotus F1 Team. It was some of the most fun I had in corporate life. I managed a lot, learnt a lot and experienced a lot. The overarching story contains many fun narratives not least of which my second meeting with George Lucas.

It also contained tension and stress.

One of the biggest was getting the powers that be at Microsoft to recognize the value of the investment. Generally to make the most of a sponsorship you need to invest the same again on activation. And boy did some people not want to hear that. 

It's like the car and it's driver. 50/50. No driver no race. No car no race. 

The car is packed full of automotive technology. The driver is skilled beyond compare. And in Kimi Raikkonen's case, lead driver for Lotus at the time, also a classic F1 party animal. 

One of the key practical applications of narrative is, unsurprisingly, marketing. With today's modern marketing tools there are more ways to automate and measure than ever before.

But as Eistein said "not everything that counts can be measured and not everything that can be measured, counts".  

All these tools are high performance F1 machines. You and your narrative are the driver that makes it possible to win the race. Without the right narrative the car sits gathering dust on the starting grid.

Ready to race?